Newsletter 2018 #1

Austin Chapter Volleyball (ACV) Newsletter 2018
Issue 1
Board Members
With the start of the new ACV fiscal year effective December 1, 2017, the current board now consists of the following:
President:  Kevin Carlyle; Vice-President:  Roni Downey; Recording Secretary and District Director:  David Plaisance; Treasurer:  Bonnie Caddell; At-Large Representative #1 (A-G):  Teresa Fierro; At-Large Representative #2 (H-N): Chez Slayton; At-Large Representative #3 (O-Z): Christle Miersma; Past President:  Charlie Tamez.
Year-End Records
ACV members should download a copy of their volleyball schedule for the 2017 season by Sunday, December 31.  Arbiter will be refreshed some time after the start of the year to prepare for the 2018 season.  Once that occurs, the 2017 records will be completely removed from Arbiter. 
Outstanding Payments
Please take time to review your matches for any outstanding payments.  If you have not gotten paid for a match, please contact your co-official first and see if payment was received.  Next, contact the school as needed before they leave for the Christmas break.  Remember that schools will begin the break starting as soon as this Friday. 
Support Paid Positions for the 2018 Season
ACV has three paid positions that are up for renewal each year.  These support positions are as follows:  (1) Assistant Assigning Secretary; (2) Chapter Trainer(s); and (3) Chapter Website Administrator.  The time commitment for each will run from February 1, 2018 through January 31, 2019.  If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Roni Downey by Sunday, January 7.  A job description will be provided to interested individuals in advance.  The ACV board will make the selections at the January 2018 board meeting. 
2018 Austin Chapter Application Deadline Extended
Thank you to all of those individuals who promptly submitted the 2018 Austin Chapter application as well as their chapter dues.  For those of you have not submitted the required paperwork, please note that the deadline to receive scrimmage credit has now passed.  However, the deadline to submit the application without a cost increase has been extended to January 31.  (The deadline was extended to coincide with the TASO renewal deadline.)  The renewal dues will be $30 up to January 31.  Beginning on Thursday, February 1, the cost increases to $55 for reinstatement, which includes a $25 late fee added to the $30 renewal dues.  So please make plans to renew by the January 31 deadline.  The 2018 Austin Chapter Application is located at  If you have any questions regarding the Austin Chapter Application and/or payment of dues, please contact Bonnie Caddell.
Upcoming TASO Registration
As a reminder, all returning members will need to renew their TASO membership online at  This should be tentatively available starting in January.  TASO will be sending out an announcement with specific instructions prior to opening registration. 
Next Board Meeting
The next board meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, January 10, 2018.  Time and place will soon be determined.  Kevin Carlyle has also proposed board meeting dates for all of 2018 so that these can be posted on the website in advance.  More information on this will be forthcoming.  As always, please contact your at-large representative if you are interested in attending a board meeting.
Happy Holidays!
Happy Holiday wishes are extended to you and your loved ones!  On behalf of the ACV board, we look forward to seeing all of you in 2018!!