Newsletter 2018 #2

Austin Chapter Volleyball (ACV) Newsletter 2018
Issue 2
Happy New Year!
The new year is upon us.  While it is only January, many of you are possibly already making summer vacation plans.  Therefore, please pay close attention to the various important dates and deadlines mentioned in this newsletter. 
Sincere Condolences to the Family of Bobby Rogers
Memorial services were held for Bobby Rogers and his family in Austin, Oklahoma and Alabama. In lieu of flowers, the family requested donations to assist with travel expenses. On behalf of ACV, $100 was donated to their GoFundMe account.  Please keep Bobby and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
Ancillary Positions
Congratulations to Marilyn Wahl and Christle Miersma on their appointments for the 2018 volleyball season.  Marilyn was appointed as the Assistant Assigner while Christle was appointed as the Chapter Trainer. 
2018 Austin Chapter Application Deadline Approaching
Thank you to those individuals who have submitted the 2018 Austin Chapter application as well as the chapter dues.  For those of you who have not submitted the required paperwork, please note that the deadline to submit the application without a cost increase is January 31.  The renewal dues will be $30 until January 31.  Beginning on Thursday, February 1, the cost increases to $55 for reinstatement, which includes a $25 late fee added to the $30 renewal dues.  So please make plans to renew by the January 31 deadline.  The 2018 Austin Chapter Application is located at  If you have any questions regarding the Austin Chapter Application and/or payment of dues, please contact Bonnie Caddell.
TASO Registration
As a reminder, all returning members will need to renew their TASO membership online at  TASO sent out the announcement around December 20 with specific instructions.  Please note that the payment will be for both the annual renewal as well as for mandatory meeting component (State Meeting, Regional Clinic, on-line clinic).  The deadline for early membership renewal is Thursday, March 15, 2018.  Registering by that date will save you $25.  If you did not receive the TASO announcement, please contact your at-large representative.
Scrimmage Dates Set
Scrimmages for the 2018 volleyball season will be held on Friday and Saturday, August 3 & 4.  As per the Section F of the Stated Policies, β€œall members are expected to attend a minimum of three (3) hours of scrimmages.”  Arrangements should be made with the Chapter Trainer, Christle Miersma, no later than May 1st if a member is unable to meet this requirement.  Be sure to also notify your At-Large Representative and the Assigner.
The board reviewed the 2018 preliminary budget at the last meeting.  The proposed budget estimates, scheduled to be approved at the next board meeting, have been posted to the Forms section in Arbiter.  All members are encouraged to review and provide input prior to February 7.  Please send any questions or concerns to Bonnie Caddell or Kevin Carlyle.
Recruitment Time
It is time to begin recruiting for the 2018 volleyball season.  ACV needs officials, especially to cover those middle school matches.  Remember that you can earn a $25 referral bonus if you refer a new ACV member who works a minimum number of matches during the season.  Imagine recruiting two new members and having an extra $50 to spend during the holidays!  Please send the contact information of potential new members to Roni Downey. 
Testing of Teleconference Meetings
With all of the headaches in dealing with traffic, the ACV board has been testing conferencing software.  Initially, this will be used for upcoming board meetings as well as new member training with the possibility of expanding it to chapter meetings in the future.  We invite you to help the ACV board test the Cisco WebEx software at our next board meeting.  You can do so in the comfort of your own home. 
2018 Schedule of ACV Board Meetings
As mentioned in the last newsletter, the ACV board meetings for 2018 have been scheduled.  All fall on Wednesdays:  January 10; February 7; March 7; April 4: May 16; June 13; July 11; July 25.  Please note that some may be cancelled if there is no pressing business to be discussed. 
Next ACV Board Meeting
The next board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 7, 2018 and will be held via WebEx.  As always, please contact your at-large representative if you are interested in attending this board meeting.  This is particularly important for this meeting so that you can obtain the necessary participant information.