Newsletter 2017 #11

Austin Chapter Volleyball (ACV) Newsletter 2017
Issue 11

Election Results for Board Positions
Please welcome these incoming board members, who were elected for a two-year term which starts December 1: President, Kevin Carlyle; At-Large Representative #1, Teresa Fierro; At-Large Representative #3, Christle Miersma. Bonnie Caddell was re-elected to serve as Treasurer. Congratulations to all of these individuals. In addition, please take time to thank the following who have committed time and energy to serving on the board. Best wishes to these outgoing board members: President, Charlie Tamez; At-Large Representative #1, Rhiannon Stracener; At-Large Representative #3, Gilbert Mokry.

Election Results for Changes to ByLaws and Stated Policies
The ACV membership chose not to vote on the proposed changes. The ByLaws Committee was requested to use the current ByLaws and Stated Policies as the starting point and then update the proposals off of those documents. At present, older versions of the ByLaws and Stated Policies were being used as the starting point.

2018 Austin Chapter Application Now Available
The 2018 Austin Chapter application is now due. Please note that both the application and the dues need to be turned in at the same time. Deadline to receive scrimmage credit when paying dues is Thursday, November 30. Beginning on Friday, December 1, the cost increases to $65 for reinstatement. The 2018 Austin Chapter Application is located at It is listed as one of the menu items. If you have any questions regarding the Austin Chapter Application and/or payment of dues, please contact Bonnie Caddell.

Tentative Calendar for 2018
A tentative calendar for 2018 will be included as part of the minutes from the year-end meeting. Minutes should be posted on the website by Thanksgiving Day.

Upcoming TASO Registration
All returning members will need to renew their TASO membership online at This should be tentatively available starting in January. TASO will be sending out an announcement with specific instructions prior to opening registration.

Playoff Requests
The compilation of the coaches’ playoff requests of preferred officials is now on Arbiter. The document also shows the total number of requests per official. Within Arbiter, click first on Lists, then on Forms. The document is titled 2017 Playoff Preferred Officials.

Kudos and Congratulations
Congratulations to the ACV members who were selected to represent the ACV at the Regional and State tournaments.                                                                                                             TCSAAL Regionals: Lisa Brown, Gary Oncale, Brianna Quinlan, and Bob Ruckriegel            TCSAAL State: Brenda Gray, Susan Hart, Patrick Kinast, Chris Knight, Christle Miersma, Brianna Quinlan, Rhiannon Stracener, and Bobby White TAPPS Regionals: Mikayla Adams, Katherine Bratton, Philip Franco, Roger Franklin, Andy Grantham, Dick Kappel, Gilbert Mokry, Gina Ortega, and Janine Patton
TAPPS State: Tony Friesen, James Mahlen, Denise Neale, Janine Patton, and Chez Slayton
UIL Regionals: Katherine Bratton, Philip Franco, Gilbert Mokry, and Craig Smith
UIL State: Charlie Tamez

Door Prize Winners at the Year-End Meeting
A few door prizes were given at the year-end meeting. Winners of $10 Jason’s Deli gift cards were Julia Dade, Brandon Kelso, Bob Ruckriegel, and John Smith. Winners of the grand prizes of $25 cash were Ronnie Kaase and Janine Patton.
Thanks to everyone who took the time to attend the chapter meetings this season.

A Day of Thanksgiving
Thank you for being part of the Austin Chapter Volleyball this season. Happy Thanksgiving wishes are extended to you and your loved ones!