Newsletter 2017 #5

Austin Chapter Volleyball (ACV) Newsletter 2017

Issue 5


Scrimmages Set for Friday, August 4 and Saturday, August 5

The volleyball season kicks off in about four weeks. Please keep your schedule as open as possible for scrimmages to be held on Friday, August 4 and Saturday, August 5. Please be sure to notify your at-large representative in advance if you have any conflicts with these dates.

Message from Assigning Secretary:

We are very light on daytime scrimmage availability for Friday, August 4. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Scrimmages are now open for self-assignment. The Assigning Secretary will begin filling in open slots on July 28th. Prescheduling of tournaments has begun. If you have not updated your availability on Arbiter and sent the hard copy to Janiece Nelson, then you need to do so ASAP to avoid turnbacks. Please contact Janiece at if you have any questions.

Information on TASO Registration for Regional Clinics

If you will not be attending the State meeting this coming weekend, then please make plans to either attend a Regional Clinic or take the on-line clinic. This is a TASO mandatory requirement. Registration for the Austin Regional Clinic, scheduled for Saturday, July 15, is still open. Please visit TASO to register. The last Regional Clinic is scheduled for Saturday, July 29 in Dallas. Information about the on-line clinic is not yet available.

Mandatory Returning Member Training – Set for Saturday, July 15

All returning members are required to attend a returning member training. The final one is set for Saturday, July 15 at Brentwood Christian School beginning at 1:30 p.m. If you attended the first returning member training on Thursday, June 8, then you do NOT need to attend the one on July 15. Please contact your at-large representative if you have any questions about this training.

Mandatory TASO Test

Everyone is required to take the TASO test before being assigned to a match. The TASO test usually becomes available on the TASO website after the State meeting concludes. Expect an announcement to be sent out soon.

ACV Chapter Meetings Starting Soon

As per the Operating Procedures – Texas Association of Sports Officials – Volleyball Division, Section 3.2G states, “Each chapter shall hold a minimum of five (5) meetings per season for education and business purposes.” ACV counts the Returning Member training and the ACV annual test as separate meetings for a total of two. Therefore, please mark your calendars for the remaining three mandatory meeting dates:

8/2, Wed. PRE-SEASON ACV CHAPTER MEETING @ Austin Police Association Union Hall @ 6:30 p.m.

9/6, Wed. MID-SEASON CHAPTER MEETING (Alternate date is 10/4/17) @ Austin Police Association Union Hall @ 6:30 pm

11/8, Wed. YEAR-END CHAPTER MEETING @ Austin Police Association Union Hall @ 6:30 pm

As per the Operating Procedures – Texas Association of Sports Officials – Volleyball Division, Section 8.3.2 states, “A member in good standing is one who has complied with all of the membership requirements at the state and local level.” ACV requires members to sign in at each of the meetings, especially those deemed mandatory. ACV will keep track of member attendance in order to be in compliance with TASO.

ACV Chapter Training Sessions

The ACV Trainers will be holding training sessions starting at 6:00 p.m. prior to the start of each chapter meeting. While these will be geared towards newer members (those with less than three years of experience), all ACV officials are invited to attend. In addition, one chapter meeting will be devoted entirely to a mid-season training session:

10/4, Wed. NEW MEMBER MEETING @ Austin Police Association Union Hall @ 6:30 pm (Returning members may also attend this meeting, especially those unable to attend the mid-season chapter meeting.)

Vendor Update

TASO assigned vendors to specific regional clinics this year. Stripe Plus has been assigned to be at the Austin Regional Clinic on Saturday, July 15. Another vendor, Official Sports, has extended an offer to our chapter. Orders placed through can use the code “FREESHIP” to waive the shipping cost. Only one per customer is allowed.