Austin Chapter Volleyball AbOUT US

Welcome to the official website of the Austin Volleyball Officials Chapter (ACV). We are group of TASO certified officials (Texas Association of Sports Officials) who are dedicated and committed to serving volleyball programs throughout the Greater-Austin area.


Our Chapter is rich in tradition and prides itself in judicially applying all the rules, understanding the game, using proper mechanics, and being prompt, courteous and professional at all times. Virgie Mallett and Jeannette Wagner founded this Chapter in January 1975. We have trained many officials and an admirable number have gone on to leadership roles in other chapters around the state.


We currently service approximately 65 Varsity programs and 85 Middle Schools within a 120-mile radius of Austin. Our outreaching towns are Harper, Blanco, New Braunfels, Gonzales, Flatonia, Granger, Thorndale, Wimberley, and Burnet.


All officials must join the State Association (TASO) and a local Chapter. First time members pay total of $65 ($30 Austin chapter dues, $35 first time State member dues). This provides a rulebook, casebook, test, insurance (through TASO), and Red & Yellow cards. The chapter reimburses all new members up to $50 the cost to procure uniform and equipment as a recruiting/stay incentive.


Black slacks, unadorned black belt if the slacks have belt loops, licensed white officials’ shirt with or without pocket, black shoes and black socks, black whistle and black lanyard. For middle school matches or sub-varsity matches in non air-conditioned gyms, walking length black shorts (not gym shorts) may be worn.


Black whistle and black lanyard, watch with second hand or stop watch, hand ball pump, air gauge, index cards, pen/pencil, and a flipping coin. Optional equipment include line judge flags, athletic tape, small scissors, large metal paper clip, lip balm, pencil sharpener, Velcro tape, breath mints/gum, and an equipment bag.


There are four documents that must be completed & returned with your $65 before you can be assigned to officiate. 1. TASO APPLICATION (submitted online), 2. CHAPTER APPLICATION, 3. CHAPTER AVAILABILITY/MEMBER INFORMATION SHEET & 4. W9 form.


One varsity contest pays $35.00 to each official. One sub-varsity & one varsity pay $55. Two sub-varsities & one varsity pay at least $85. A single sub-varsity pays $25; two would pay $50. Mileage is reimbursed for one car at the state rate (currently $.575 a mile) per round trip. Officials are paid by check from the host school district normally two to four weeks after the match. All officials are responsible for all assigning fees due our assigning secretary (per match assigning fees are posted on our web site) and income taxes.


The season starts the 1st weekend of August and runs through the end of October with playoffs culminating at the state championship in Garland the weekend before Thanksgiving. Middle school play starts around Labor Day. We have on-court training from late May through mid-July at various summer leagues on various nights. Check the chapter website for dates/information. All officials must attend either the State Meeting or a district clinic (the local Austin District Clinic) in order to be considered a member in good standing and eligible for varsity assignments.


Our training philosophy is to take you from your current level of expertise and assist you in reaching your goals while meeting the needs of the Chapter.  New member clinics and practice sessions are for your benefit and should be attended as much as possible. You are required to have a minimum of 3 hours of scrimmage time (including R1, R2, line judging positions, as well as score keeping, & observing).  All officials regardless of experience benefit from continuous training! There will be an on-line open book test. Attendance at all Chapter meetings is required as in-season information is presented and specific in-season situations that have occurred are discussed. 


You can work as much as you can fit into your schedule. Generally Middle School matches occur Mon./Thurs. matches and usually start at 4:30 or 5 pm. High School matches are normally on Tues./Fri. and will vary from 4:30 to 6 pm depending on football games. Saturday is busy with tournaments and matches. Wednesday evenings are light, which makes them ideal for meeting nights. UIL competition is not allowed on Sunday.