Newsletter 2018 # 7

Issue 7
Happy Father’s Day!
To all of the gentlemen in the Austin Chapter Volleyball, have a very Happy Father’s Day.
Deadline for Returning Member Reward is Monday, June 11
Great news for returning members!  Hopefully you took the time to read the email from Kevin Carlyle dated May 21.  If you did not, then you are missing out on an opportunity to claim a $30 reward to be used towards uniform (including jackets or sweatshirts) or equipment.  This reward is designed to help members and the chapter maintain their professional appearance through upgrades of apparel or equipment.  Don’t delay, the deadline is Monday, June 11.  New members (those who have NEVER officiated with TASO in the sport of volleyball) are eligible for a $50 reimbursement and can use this form as well.
**Please note that for the shirts, men’s sizing will be used unless “women’s” is indicated on the form. 
**Please note that for the shirts, pockets are the standard.  If you prefer a shirt with no pockets, please write “no pockets” on the form. 
Important Message from Assigning Secretary
All availability sheets were due to Janiece Nelson by Friday, June 1st, allowing her now to begin scheduling volleyball assignments.  For those missing necessary requirements, Janiece will begin sending individual emails.  If you receive one of these emails, it is important to act immediately.  As previously announced, officials with missing requirements will be marked as inactive in Arbiter.  If you are marked inactive in Arbiter, that means you will need to contact Janiece and get requirements met before regaining Arbiter access.
Mandatory At-Large Representative WebEx Meetings
If you did not have an opportunity to participate in the first At-Large Representative WebEx meeting, please note the dates of the remaining two being offered:
·         Wednesday, June 6:  At Large Representative WebEx Meeting – Hosts Chez Slayton (H-N) and Christle Miersma (Scorekeeping)
·         Monday, July 16:  At Large Representative WebEx Meeting – Host Christle Miersma (O-Z) (Most missed test questions from the 2017 TASO Rules Test)
Attendance at one of these is a meeting attendance requirement for 2018.  You are welcome to attend the one that best fits your schedule and the training session that you feel will benefit you the most, or please feel free to attend all of them for extra training.  Please continue to reference the ACV calendar on the website.
WebEx Housekeeping Guidelines
Please take time to mute your phone or PC after joining the meeting.  Please turn off the video.  While it is nice to see smiling faces, WebEx will run smoother if the bandwidth is concentrated on the actual presentation.  If you do not see your face on display by your name, then the video camera is off.  When you have a question or a concern for the presenters, please raise your hand by clicking on the hand icon.  The presenters will recognize you.  It is important for you to unmute yourself before speaking.
Returning Members Training (Intermediate Level)
As a reminder, all returning members are required to attend at least one returning members training.  The intermediate-level training is scheduled for Saturday, June 16 at Akins High School from 10:00 a.m. till noon.  Another training (advanced level) will be available on Thursday, July 19 at Pflugerville High School.
Please Review Mileage Guide
In case you have not seen the news, we will be on a new flat fee mileage system starting this year based on UIL rules. We have created a mileage guide for you to use and believe we have it all correct. Please help us to ensure it is correct by reviewing it now, particularly for the schools with which you are most familiar. Note that the mileage is based on actual driving distance and NOT the previous mileage rings. Please contact Kevin Carlyle with any corrections. 
TASO State Meeting Registration Open
The TASO State Meeting registration is now open.  Remember that the fee for the meeting was included in your TASO membership registration.  However, you still need to register if you plan on attending the TASO State meeting, scheduled for Saturday, July 14 at the Curtis Culwell Center. 
Self-Evaluation of Level Descriptions
Please take time to review the four level descriptions on the ACV website.  This is a good opportunity to conduct a self-evaluation of your strengths and what you have achieved.  It can also be used as a measure of what areas you want to improve on this season. 
Website Administrator Needed for Future Enhancement
A future enhancement for the Austin Chapter Volleyball website,, involves allowing officials to fill out their application online in addition to paying their dues online.  If you have an interest in being involved in this project, please contact Kevin Carlyle.  This will be a win-win for everyone if we can get this completed.
New Member Orientation
Approximately 30 individuals attended the first two orientations.  Therefore, we have decided to conduct another orientation.  It will be held via WebEx on Sunday, June 3 at 7:00 p.m.  So, if you know of anyone who is interested, please send their name and email address to Roni Downey.  You can earn a $25 referral bonus if you refer a new ACV member who works a minimum number of matches during the season. 
Next ACV Board Meeting
The next board meeting is scheduled for the evening of Wednesday, June 13, 2018 and will be held via WebEx.  As always, please contact your at-large representative at least 24 hours in advance if you are interested in attending this board meeting.  This is particularly important so that you can obtain the necessary participant information.
The Time for Scrimmages is Almost Here!  Get Your Whistles Ready!