Newsletter 2018 #13

Austin Chapter Volleyball (ACV) Newsletter 2018
Issue 13
November 12, 2018
All ByLaw Proposals Passed
Thank you to all officials who took time to vote on the proposed ByLaw changes.  The online voting went smoothly, with 68 members choosing to vote online.  Members who did not vote online had the option of voting at the year-end meeting.  All of the proposals passed; therefore, the new version of the ByLaws will become effective on Saturday, December 1, 2018.  Please visit the ACV website to see the comparison from the current ByLaws.  Thank you to Philip Franco for serving as the Nomination Chairperson.
Changes to ACV Board Members
Congratulations to Christle Miersma, Stacey Myers, and Tyler Latham for accepting new positions on the board.  Janiece Nelson was reelected as the Assigning Secretary.  The board now consists of the following:  President: Kevin Carlyle; Vice-President: Christle Miersma; Recording Secretary: Stacey Myers; Treasurer: Bonnie Caddell; Assigning Secretary: Janiece Nelson; At-Large Representative #1: Teresa Fierro; At-Large Representative #2: Tyler Latham.  The At-Large Representative #3 that was previously held by Christle Miersma is currently vacant.  The President can make a temporary appointment until an election can be held at a regular or called meeting.  If you are interested in being appointed to fulfill the vacant ALR position, please contact Kevin Carlyle at  Thank you to Chez Slayton, David Plaisance, and Roni Downey for their time on being on the board. 
ACV Application for 2019 Season
The due date for renewal of returning members is Saturday, December 1. The application is now available on the website for your convenience in two formats:  pdf and fillable.  Please contact Bonnie Caddell regarding payment options.
Door Prize Winners at Year-End Meeting
Congratulations to the following door prize winners:  $25 Attendance Drawing – Tim Craft; $35 Attendance Drawing – Denise Hall; $40 Special Recognition Drawing – Mike O’Brien; $40 All Officials Drawing – Matthew Meserve: $60 All Officials Grand Prize Drawing – Larry Smith.  Thank you also to Bonnie Caddell, Roni Downey, and Linda Johnson for bringing some nice desserts for all to enjoy and to Tyler Latham for setting up the meeting room. 
ACV Trainers and Mentors
ACV would like to recognize those individuals who took time to serve as trainers and mentors.  The training team consisted of Shari Brubaker, Bonnie Caddell, Kevin Carlyle, Kristin Cooper, Tim Craft, Thomas Craig, Roni Downey, Teresa Fierro, Philip Franco, Patrick Kinast, Harvey Madrigal, James Mahlen, Bev Michelson, Christle Miersma, Janine Patton, Craig Smith, Rhiannon Stracener, and Marilyn Wahl.  The following mentoring team members were assigned to help the new offiicials:  Bob Block, Bonnie Caddell, Kristen Cooper, Roni Downey, Daniel Field, Philip Franco, Andy Grantham, Cody Holder, Kammie Holmes, Patrick Kinast, Alan Laughlin, James Mahlen, Bev Michelson, Christle Miersma, Janine Patton, Rhiannon Stracener, and Jen Warner.  Thank you to all these officials for their generous donation of time and talent.  If you are interested in being a mentor for the 2019 season, please contact Christle Miersma. 
More Kudos to Volunteers at San Marcos Middle School Tournament on Saturday, October 6
Andy Grantham, Harold Morgan, and Stacey Myers also volunteered their time at the San Marcos Middle School tournament benefitting breast cancer awareness.  This allowed proceeds earned to be used towards a great cause.
Remarks from Coaches
ACV received two emails from area coaches expressing their appreciation of ACV officials. 
From Coach Diane Watson, Round Rock High School:  With Round Rock being out of playoffs, just wanted to take a minute and thank you for making the process of scheduling playoff officials with ease. Also, please pass along to all your officials that I am proud of our Association and how they handle themselves during the increased pressure and competitiveness of playoffs. It is my experience and opinion of course, that we have the best people involved with our sport and association, representing our region. They are professional, well trained, and maybe the most important component, comfortable in there "Referee Skin".  Thanks for the dedication and hard work! We would not have the opportunity to compete at a high level without you guys.
From Assistant Athletic Director Bob Gerhardt, New Braunfels Christian Academy:  Thanks!  We are now in TAPPS hands.  The semifinals and finals are in West and TAPPS gets the officials for those.  Thank you so much for all your help this year.  Those last 2 crews you sent us for our playoff games were great!!!  Thanks again…already looking forward to next year!!
On behalf of the ACV board, we wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!!  Thank you for a great volleyball season.  Hope to see all of you in the spring of 2019!