Rules Review

Rules Review

With the volleyball season underway, we may encounter situations where we question a call. The
questions might be “Did I apply that rule correctly?” “Did I use the correct signal?” Best way to find the
answer to that question is to read the rule book and case manual. This rules review is aimed at getting
you to do just that.

Below are areas of concern that coaches, players, and fellow officials have identified as needing to be
addressed. So, please take out those books! Challenge yourself: If you consider yourself an experienced
official, see if you can recite verbatim the rule, word for word, and in which chapter it can be found. If
you consider yourself a mid-level official, see if you can explain the rule as if you were addressing a
coach or player. If you consider yourself a new official, then read the rule and jot down questions you
may still have after reading it. Consult with the ACV trainers or your at-large representative.

Adjacent Courts
A coach approaches you to ask how you plan to deal with adjacent courts regarding the playable area. What
is your response? Do you say “up to the line between the two courts” or “up to the plane of the adjacent

***Read page 12 to find the answer.

Whistle or Horn to End the Time-Out
Scenario #1: The horn sounds to end the time-out. Your R2 also blows the whistle after the horn sounds.
Do you give the R2 a thumbs-up sign that they did a good job applying this new rule?
Scenario #2: During a time-out, both teams are back on the court and ready to play within 30 seconds.
The R2 blows the whistle and signals the audio horn to be sounded as well.
***Read page 22 and the 2017 Pre-Season Volleyball Guide for clarification.

Unnecessary Delay
Scenario #1: A player enters the substitution zone and the R2 whistles for substitution. The player
figures out that she is too early and tries to go back. Do you apply the unnecessary delay or do you offer
the coach a time-out instead?
Scenario #2: The wrong player enters into the substitution zone. The coach realizes this and immediately
calls a time-out. Does the R2 still issue the unnecessary delay?
***Read page 40 & 41.

Incorrect Server
The R1 whistles/beckons for serve and the server realizes it's not their turn. She tosses, drops, and as the
R1 signals re-serve, the correct server comes to get the ball and serves within the new five seconds.
Everyone was in the proper position at service contact. What do you do?
***Read page 40.

The ACV Trainers will be available for a training session on Wednesday, September 6 at 6:00 p.m.
at the Austin Police Association Union Hall prior to the ACV Chapter Meeting. Please join them if
you need any of these clarified or if you have other situations that you would like to discuss.