Austin Chapter Volleyball (ACV) Newsletter 2017

Issue 9


Sincere Appreciation

There are moments when we give freely of our time and contribute our efforts without any reason other than it is the right thing to do.  Please take time to applaud the contributions of these ACV members who volunteered their time and talents at a tournament on October 7 benefitting cancer:  Larry Friedenberg (lead official), Michael Butler, Daniel Cerroni, Rachel Devillier, Andrew Grantham, Kerry Kurio, Benjamin Maxedon, Brad Molof, and Charlie Tamez.  In addition, Janiece Nelson volunteered to officiate a volleyball game at a nursing home earlier this season.  Thank you for representing the ACV at these events.  

Nominations for Upcoming Election on November 8

The ACV board positions of President, Treasurer, At-Large Representative #1, and At-Large Representative #3 are up for election at the end-of-season chapter meeting on November 8.  If you are interested in serving in one of these positions and would like to add your name to the nomination list, please contact the Election Committee Chair, Bob Block.  To see current nominees, please check the ACV website and click on the banner at the top of the homepage titled, “Nominations for Upcoming Election on November 8, 2017”.  

Proposed Amendments to ByLaws

Please take time to read the proposed amendments to the ByLaws.  These are available on Arbiter.  Look under the header of “Lists” and then proceed to “Forms”.  It is the sixth item listed titled, “ACV By-Law Proposals”.  

Review of Scrimmage Hours Worked

Emails have been sent asking officials to verify the number of scrimmage hours worked.  If you did not receive an email regarding scrimmage hours, please contact Roni Downey at as soon as possible.  An email regarding scrimmage credit and the dues owed will be sent out the first weekend of November.

2018 Austin Chapter Application Coming Soon

The 2018 Austin Chapter application will be posted to the website soon.  Bonnie Caddell will be at the year-end meeting to begin accepting the application and dues.  Please note that she will also be able to accept credit card payments this year.  

Message from the Assigning Secretary

Playoffs are almost here!  Please keep Arbiter up to date.  Please check your email and Arbiter several times a day for any updates or new assignments.  

RSVP Via Event on Arbiter for BBQ Dinner

The Year-End ACV Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 8.  We will be having a catered dinner from PoK-e-Jo’s.  If you are planning on attending that meeting, please be sure to RSVP via Arbiter by accepting the event.  The ACV board will only be ordering the corresponding number of plates based on who has accepted the event.

Officiating Opportunities with USAV

For those of you who are considering officiating for pay during the upcoming USAV (club) season, there's a referee-for-pay clinic Sunday morning, November 5th, from 8 AM to 10 AM at Austin Sports Center Cedar Park. The address is 1420 Toro Grande Blvd, Cedar Park, 78613. While there are many other local USAV referee clinics being offered, this is the only clinic being offered in the Austin area geared specifically for those who wish to referee for pay. Visit and click on the Officials Clinics & Info link to see a list of all the referee and scorer clinics being offered. Click the Paid Ref Tournaments link to review all the information around officiating for pay.

Just like we do for high school and middle school, officials have to join as a member (which includes submitting to a background check) and attend a rules clinic.  New officials must make at least an 84 on the test and get rated on at least three sets to get certified. The certification is good for two years although membership must be renewed annually.  There are many officials within ACV who are also USAV officials who are a good source of information about the USAV processes. Unlike high school/middle school, the play is normally on weekends with some larger tournaments in the spring covering three days.  There are a large number of local (Austin area) tournaments for those officials who do not wish to travel and specifically some local tournaments geared to new officials for them to get experience.  One significant difference is that officials register for tournaments they wish to officiate rather than waiting to be assigned.  A full list of tournaments through the spring are listed on the region’s website.