ACV Newsletter 14

Austin Chapter Volleyball Newsletter 2016
Issue 14


From the President’s Desk:

Hello members

As you continue to officiate, I would like to applaud many of you on a job well done thus far. On many of your officiating assignments you go without a thank you, or a pat on the back, and at times are not even asked if you need anything prior to a match.  I would like you to know that many coaches have expressed their thanks and gratitude.  They have also told me how happy they are when they see you walking in.  Let’s keep the good vibe going and do not forget to have fun!  Great job ACV officials!  


I also want everyone to know that I would like to start a “ACV Board Member Shadow Program.”  This program is set for any ACV member that is interested in running for a board position. Over the years, many of you stated that you are interested in running for a position but are unaware of all the duties that may come with a board position.  Implementing this program will allow you to see some of the fun and some of the not so fun the board deals with. This will help you understand what the board does and will give you a different grip on some of the decisions that are made. While participation in this program will be highly encouraged, it will not be required to run for a position. Once all the details are set, I will let you know when this program will start.   

Until then, keep up the good work and I hope to see everyone at the meeting.


Next Meeting

The next mandatory meeting for all members will be held at the Austin Police Union Hall on October 12th at 6:30PM. Pizza will be available beginning at 6PM until it is gone.


Uniforms – Sub-Varsity

We continue to hear concerns about what is legal and what is not for uniforms.

Remember – at anything other than the Varsity level – the word of the day is leniency.

This means that as long as the libero jersey contrasts enough with the rest of the players for you to be able to tell the difference, we are playing. We prefer that they have a light vs dark combination. Dark blue or dark green vs black jerseys is probably not contrasting. Dark pink and red are also probably not contrasting. We are not concerned in any way with the solid-color jersey rule at the Sub-Varsity level.


Legal Uniforms

Please review Page 17 of the rule book and review what constitutes a legal uniform. We have been made aware of at least one school’s jerseys not all being exactly the same color. Note that the rule book says they are to be “like-colored”. The wording is the same for the shorts/uniform bottoms. Earlier this year, I worked a match where most of the players were in standard black spandex, but two were wearing similarly colored black soccer-style shorts over their spandex. Rule 4.2. Art.1.b.1 makes this legal. We have been made aware of some sub-varsity teams whose jerseys marginally meet the definition of “like-colored”. Remember – Sub-Varsity – Leniency is the word of the day.


Varsity – Solid Color Jersey Rule

Either the libero AND/OR the players must be in a jersey compliant with the solid-color rule. If a team is not able to meet this standard, they should not be allowed to play with a libero.

Varsity libero jerseys should be clearly contrasting. This has not changed with the solid-color jersey rule.

Please take a few minutes to review the NFHS Power Point on the 2016 Solid Color Jersey Rule and the TASO/UIL/TAPPS Statement on the Solid Color Jersey Rule so you are clear on what is compliant.

Both of these documents have been posted to the FAQ page on

While “clearly contrasting” is up to each individual referee, we need to be consistent in enforcement of the solid color jersey rule. If we don’t enforce it now, we are setting up teams for trouble when they reach the playoffs.


Proper Signal Sequence at End of Time Outs

Some members have asked questions concerning the proper sequence at the end of a time out when a substitution is also going to be administered. Once a time out is initiated, the time out should be completed prior to administering a substitution. For instance, during a time out, one team is ready to play before the other and wants to substitute. Any time there is a requested for substitution after a time out has been signaled, the substitute should be informed that the substitution will occur upon completion of the time out and they should be in the substitution zone at that time.

Signal sequence – with 15 seconds remaining in the time out, if a horn or buzzer is not sounded, a whistle should be blown by the R2 to alert the teams that they need to return to the court. At the end of 60 seconds (or if both teams are ready to play sooner), the time out is ended – if a horn or buzzer is not sounded, a double whistle should be sounded by the R2 and the number of time outs used by each team displayed. The R1 repeats the display of the number of time outs used. With the substitute in the substitution zone, the R2 whistles and signals for substitution. Once the substitution is recorded by the scorekeeper the R2 will signal the return of the court to the R1 on the receiving side.


Middle School Matches – Patience Pills

We have been receiving reports of “grumpy” referees at middle school matches. Sometimes, the officials may actually be grumpy, but most times that is only a perception of the coaches based upon some of the calls made or interactions with the coaches. For instance, a referee arrives at a middle school and while checking the net notices that the metal connectors at the bottom of the net are missing the little Velcro covers. The referee immediately approaches the coach and says, “Coach, you know we can’t play the match without the metal being covered”. Immediately, the coach becomes defensive and perceives the referee as being grumpy. Remember, as opposed to high school matches where most of the players already know what to do and there are a number of experienced coaches that take care of details like this, that is not the case at most middle schools. Many middle school coaches may be the only coach for their grade level for both the A and B teams. They may be new. They may not even really know the rules and protocols. Many are still learning. In these cases, we need to be the facilitators and teachers of the game. A better approach: the referee goes to the coach and says, “Coach, I was checking the net and noticed the metal connectors are missing the little protective sleeves. You know we need those covered?”

When the coach responds that they didn’t know or they can’t find them the referee responds, “No problem, coach. Yes, we have to have them covered for the safety of the players. If you can’t find the sleeves, we can use a towel and some athletic tape to cover them.” Now, you the referee has become a friendly facilitator rather than a grumpy old fart.

I always take a “patience pill” before entering a middle school gym. Early in the season, when entering a gym for 7th grade matches, I might take several. Remember, particularly at the middle school level, all of the players should be there to learn and enjoy the game of volleyball – the referee should be doing everything they can to make that happen.


School Mileage Key

Some updates have been posted recently to the School Mileage Key on the forms page on Veritas and Texas School for the Deaf are both now listed as TAPPS schools and the TAPPS pay sheet should be used. Note the TAPPS mileage listed is for everyone regardless of how far you are personally from the school. This is based the distance from a center point in Austin to the school.


Playoff Availability Form

The Playoff Availability Form is now available on Please complete and get to Marilyn no later than the October 12th meeting. The UIL and TAPPS Playoff Paysheets have also been added.


Years of Service

Every year, the chapter submits a list, based upon chapter records, to the TASO office for 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. years of service awards based upon the number of years completed during the current season. The following year, the awards are distributed at the State Meeting. Despite our best effort, it seems that every year someone is overlooked or receives the wrong award. These records are based on what is passed along at the chapter level. TASO does not currently track this. As Kevin has done in the past, he will be sending a separate email to all members to review the information on file. Please take the time to review it and respond if the information is incorrect. Please only respond to the email.



The nomination process for open board positions will start at the meeting on October 12th. The vote will be conducted by secret ballot at the final meeting of season in November. The following positions will be open and nominations accepted: Vice-President, Assigning Secretary, Recording Secretary and At-Large Representative #2.


TAPPS Mileage

The mileage distance for TAPPS schools is based on the school’s distance from a center point in Austin, not the distance from your home to the site. The school mileage key on the Forms section of the website shows the appropriate dollar amount to claim.