ACV Newsletter 11

Austin Chapter Volleyball Newsletter 2016
Issue 11
As is always the case, the beginning of the season has some cobwebs to shake off. Below are some issues that have arisen in the first couple of days of the season. Please review all of these so that we are all on the same page as we go forward.
Sub Varsity Matches – NO Cap – 3rd Sets to 25
The UIL Rally Scoring Regulations document has been added to the website under member information. Please note that there is no cap for any match other than Varsity Tournament matches played 2 out of 3. The cap is 30 for Varsity Tournament matches.
Also, the only sets that should be played to 15 are the 5th set of Varsity matches. The only exception is sub-varsity and middle school match deciding sets where there has been a prior agreement communicated to both teams before the start of the match.
Solid-colored Jersey Requirement new for 2016
Beginning in 2016, either the players or the libero are required to be in a solid-colored jersey. Please review exceptions below.

  1. We do not stop any sub-varsity or middle school team from playing with uniforms simply because they do not comply with the solid-color jersey rule. You may discuss with the coach that they are not compliant for the first few weeks of the season, but once we get to the middle of September we should not be concerned with this. If the libero uniform is not clearly contrasting from the players on the team, that is a totally different situation. Most sub-varsity teams use previous year’s Varsity jerseys.
    This weekend and next as we work Varsity Tournaments and matches, let’s all keep in mind that we are the facilitators of the match and shouldn’t be unreasonably punitive. Perhaps team’s uniforms have not arrived for the new season, they didn’t receive what they ordered, or they ordered the wrong uniforms that are not compliant with the solid-colored jersey rule. As long as they are clearly contrasting, we should let them play. By all means, we should be informing the coaches that they have non-compliant jerseys if they do and ask If they have an alternative to be compliant.
    Rouse and Dripping Springs High Schools both are using the same jersey style. They have a pattern down the seam of the sleeve that is no wider than one inch. These jerseys have been determined to be compliant with the solid-color rule as there is no requirement that piping or trim along seams be solid in color.

Del Valle Replay Screen
Del Valle High School has a screen that shows advertisements and replays rallies. While the rules specifically preclude an electronic device from being used to review a decision by a referee, there is no rule against showing replays.
Players Standing During Play
NFHS rules say that all players must be seated during play. Please see recommended exceptions below:

  1. Tournaments – most tournament do not have enough chairs and there is no choice but to have players stand past the end of the bench/chairs. They should remain back from the court. It is much safer for them to be standing that sitting on the floor.
    Regular season matches – this is a judgment call. Many teams have a large number of players, coaches and team members keeping stats. If all the chairs are filled and a few players are standing at the end of the bench and are remaining back from the court, we should not be concerned about this. On the other hand, if they have 15 coaches and other personnel sitting on the bench “keeping stats” and all the substitutes are standing at the end of the bench, we can request that some of the “stat-keepers” move to the stands to track their stats so that the players can sit.

PAVO Line Judge Clinic Attendees
If you attended the PAVO line judge clinic this past Sunday and are interested in being evaluated Friday or Saturday, please contact Harvey Madrigal at
From the President’s Desk
As a reminder, I recently sent out information to everyone regarding the ACV Treasurer Position.  If you are interested, or know someone that would like to run please send your recommendations to Bob Block at  This election will take place next month, at the September meeting.
Thank you and good luck with your season.