ACV Newsletter 6

Austin Chapter Volleyball Newsletter 2016

Issue 6


UPDATE - Off-Season Test – For all members who officiated in 2015

TASO has still not processed all of our member’s background checks. You should receive an email from them when they have reactivated your membership and access to the site. We still believe the pre-season test is a good learning tool. Please take it if you can log in. If you can’t log in and want to review it, a pdf version is available in Arbiter. Log in to Arbiter. It is located in the Forms under the Lists tab.


While it may seem early, you can enter your availability now for the upcoming season. You will be able to make changes to your availability as needed, until assignments are published late in July. Marilyn will also need a hard copy for her records. The form is available in Arbiter – Lists – Forms.

State Meeting

Registration is now available for the State Meeting in Garland on July 16th. Register at

Scrimmages – August 5th and 6th

Please remember that all members are expected to be available for a minimum of 3 hours of scrimmages. In addition to the obvious training and refreshing opportunities scrimmages offer us, they are also a significant source of chapter funds. If you are not going to be able to attend, you need to contact Harvey Madrigal, one of our trainers, now to make alternative arrangements to fulfill your annual training requirements. Contact Harvey at

Summer League Training/Evaluations

For those members who are interested in being evaluated and receiving feedback from our trainers, summer leagues are now under way. If you want feedback on how to improve, work higher level matches, or just want to get out and blow your whistle, contact Harvey at or Christle at for available times and locations.

Returning Member Training – Action Needed

All members who officiated in 2015 must attend either the training on June 18th or the training that follows the District Clinic on July 9th. Notifications were sent via Arbiter. If you have not already done so, please access your schedule in Arbiter and accept one of these training sessions. Note that you may have to change the drop down boxes for “Date”, “Group” and “Include” to “All” in order to see these events. You are welcome to attend both, but if you only plan to attend one, please accept the one you will attend and decline the other. Note: If you plan to attend the Returning Member training on July 9th, but are not attending the District Clinic – the 12:30 start time is tentative based on the actual end time of the District Clinic. It will start approximately 1 hour after the conclusion of the District Clinic to allow for lunch.

New Website

Please update your favorites to reflect our new website address –

At-Large Reps

We have realigned the At-Large Reps for a more equal distribution of the membership. Remember that they are your first point of contact with any questions or concerns you may have.

A thru G – Rhiannon Stracener (

H thru N – Katherine Bratton (

O thru Z – Gilbert Mokry (

Officiate Texas Day

On Saturday, July 30th, Officiate Texas Day will be held in San Antonio in conjunction with the NASO Summit. Attendance at Officiate Texas Day will fulfill your annual requirement for attendance at the State Meeting or a District Clinic. The cost is only $35 and will include National speakers and more. Registration is now open on the TASO website. If you plan to attend Officiate Texas and our District Clinic, you should register and pay for Officiate Texas Day.